Pricing Esentials


It’s free for event organisers to use InviteRite if you’re not charging for tickets. There are no monthly charges, enrolment costs, or set-up fees. If you’re charging for ticket sales on InviteRite, our fee costs 2.5% of the ticket price + £1 per paid ticket (no maximum fee) The package is standard to fit the specific needs of all organisers. 

Please NOTE: All displayed fees exclude applicable VAT.

Understanding our fees

You are only charged fees when you make a sale, and it’s important to make sure your payment source is set up as you create your account 

InviteRite Service Fee — Standard
2.5% of the ticket price + £1 per paid ticket. (You can choose to absorb or transfer to attendees).

The essentials

  1. Create an Event
  2. £1+ 2.5% / (+20% UK VAT)/ per paid ticket – Free for free events. Unlimited ticket types.
  3. Ticketing & registration essentials.
  4. List your unlimited events whichever way you like it to be (Own it)
  5. Get extra support to spread your event far and wide (We do that free of charge automatically.


  • Zero Signup or Monthly Fees. Just Affordable fees Per Paid Events (pay or pass to attendees)
  • Easy to understand fees. No hidden cost.

  • It’s FREE to register. Listing Your Event Is Also Free. Pay or transfer admin fees only when you make sales.


InviteRite will send sold ticket revenues to your registered account 2 working days (3 days if it falls on a weekend) AFTER the event is completed. If your event is cancelled just contact us and we’ll process your refunds. You can then pay back all your attendees using the list of registered payees we will supply. 

*If you need your money before your event, (only after the tickets have sold out) get in touch with the sales team and it can be worked out)

Refund Policy

All refunds including booking fee Up to 6 days after your ticket purchase, as authorised by the Event Promoter / organiser.  After 7 days, this will be handled directly by the event promoter / organiser  

To process refunds, you’ll need your event name and account user name. 

*Payment processing and taxes applies


Event Details